Out of all our services, Canvas stretching is the most popular requested at our picture framing shop. Many canvas paintings come rolled up when purchased overseas or online. We then stretch it over a wooden frame and put string on the back so you can hang it up. Canvas stretching is a very affordable way to get your piece of artwork onto the wall. Our Canvas stretching prices are very competitive and customers are always telling us we’re much cheaper than other shops. Once a canvas is stretched you can also add a frame to go around it or simply hang it up like that. We have a very good reputation for stretching Indigenous artwork and many galleries only trust us with their artwork.


We can frame all your photos, artworks, prints, tapestries, embroideries, certificates, basically everything! We have loads of experience and can help you select the right borders and frames to complement your piece. We have a large selection or border mounts and frames and use only the best quality materials. All our mount boards and backings are acid free so your piece will be protected and conserved for many years to come. Limited edition prints and originals are framed in a way that is completely reversible so it won’t de value your piece and will protect it. Non reflective and UV glass are available to protect your piece from sunlight and other elements. Bring in your piece to our shop and we will guide you through our framing options. No appointment necessary.


We can frame all your sporting memorabilia, from Jerseys to medals and boxing gloves we can do it all. Framing sporting memorabilia preserves it and also turns it into a great looking piece of art. Our framing technique will not damage the item and can increase its value so it’s a good investment. We frame Jerseys for many sports clubs which use them at their auctions so we have a lot of experience when it comes to framing sporting memorabilia. Call into our shop for a free quote.